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Nothing looks more professional in motorsport than a custom-designed racesuit and for competitors in most, if not all race series' a homologated suit is now mandatory. A bespoke and truly customised racesuit is not only made to measure and will offer you the highest levels of comfort, but you have the option to add sponsor logos as well as having colour choices that can match or contrast the livery of your car - a must for all serious drivers. 

You can find out more about pricing and options here, but there is lots more information in the guide below, showing you how to measure your torso, and also an outline of how to make the design of your new custom racing suit.

Why not contact us and we guide you through your custom racewear design. We will take the pressure away by using our knowledge in helping you come up with your preferred design and with all your sponsor logos. Once clarified we will arrange a mockup of the suit design through either of our manufacturers, as you prefer in either P1 or Alpinestars, for you to assess and modify as required. Do not hesitate to call us on  - 01981 241040

Custom Made Motorsport Racesuits

Racing suits come in a fantastic selection of designs, colours, shapes and sizes from all the various manufacturers in the marketplace. But getting a stock fireproof race suit to fit your specific measurements in your required colour scheme to suit car and sponsors is virtually impossible. This is where a made to measure in a totally bespoke colour scheme and design, with specific logos comes into its own.

Nicky Grist Motorsports are experts in this specific market, supplying hundreds of suits each year to individuals, to race and rally teams, specific championships and to car manufacturers.

We are proud to be UK main dealer for P1 Racewear, an Italian manufacturer of high-quality lightweight breathable suits, all made to the very latest FIA standards as required by your chosen motorsport.

We are also delighted to announce that we are the UK’s Alpinestars dealer to offer their new bespoke TechVision race suit. Alpinestars have normally only supplied top teams and professional drivers for their made to measure designed suits, but this famous brand now has a new suit that lends itself for bespoke designs for the general motorsport market. This is an exciting project as they have a new process that completely prints your colour scheme, design, and sponsors to the suit, no matter how complexed it is, all of this and it has one fixed price.

History of Fireproof Racewear
Race suits entered production in the late 1950s, and 60s. In 66 Bill Simpson (Simpson Motorsport) approached NASA astronaut Pete Conrad who introduced him to a material produced by Dupont for the Apollo program called Nomex. Nomex race suits were tested throughout the season in Formula 1 and Nascar and led to the production on the first commercial race suit in 1967, the Simpson ‘Heatshield Fire Suit’ However, it wasn’t until the mid-1980’s when companies started to use suits as a space to display team sponsors and we started to see the proper introduction of custom race suits. When the FIA released their first official standard for race suits in 1986, known as ‘FIA-1986’ all race suits had to be produced to a specified minimum. This standard ensured all suits had a minimum safety level and were safe for use. This was the birth of the modern racesuit.

How do I order a custom suit?

Ordering a customised suit is actually a fairly simple process, with our expert help and thanks to the skills and experience of our chosen suit makers.

We suggest you call us to chat through your requirements and we can guide you through the process and give you all the detail and information that you require.

Racesuit Measurements

Please start by taking measurements and filling in the measurement form which can be found below or by clicking here for P1 Racewear Fitting Sheet, and here for Alpinestars (coming soon).

There are specific instructions on the size charts on how and where to measure, and please take all measurements in millimeters! (strong)Do not measure yourself!! Get someone else to measure you while you are standing, and use a soft tailors tape measure. Go through all the measurement initially and take note of them all, once completed, go back to the start and do them all again. Compare the measurements, and if there is a discrepancy, then measure this for the third time and come up with the definitive number. This, in our experience, has eliminated mistakes. Also note that your overall height and weight is required, as this highlights your physical build and affects the way the suit is made.

These measurements need to be your actual physical measurements - please do not add length to accommodate for extra room as P1 and Alpinestars will allow room in your suit as required. If you feel you would like extra space in a particular area or you need a stretch panel, please just let us know at the point of ordering and we can pass this information on to the manufacturer.

Design – Choosing your design can be done by yourself, or by the suit manufacturer. Once you have chosen your colour scheme and design, a mock-up will be made with any specific logos that will be added to the chosen location. Please note that due to the suit design and stretch panels, the manufacturer may alter a design to allow implementation onto the race suit. We can help you with this process and take all the headaches and unknowns out of the equation, please call us and we will be delighted to help you.

At this stage any changes can be made to come up with your definitive fireproof overall, although design artwork is restricted to a number of changes, so make sure you have a good idea of what you are looking for before we start this process. When a final design has been confirmed this template will be used in its manufacture.

Any required logos will need to be submitted to us in high resolution (vector preferably) in an Adobe compatible format.

It’s worth noting that there are multiple colour and design options, but certain changes can’t be made due to the structure of the panels in the suit. For instance, we can’t put a logo on the back of the collar as this space is saved for the FIA homologation label, and the shape of the panels cannot be altered, and finally, logos cannot be added to stretch panels.

Custom Fitting Sheet

Download P1 fitting sheet HERE

Additional Custom Suit Options


P1 - Have 22 base colours to choose from for their top of the range bespoke suit, there are 12 colours for the stretch panels, and 8 colours for the arm and leg cuffs, these to offer you a match or contrast to the suit colour scheme. Thread colour for stitching and the embroidering of logos are available in a vast range of colours.

Alpinestars - Print their Techvision bespoke suits with the required colour, they have a choice of over 250 to choose from. If you want a sponsor-specific colour option for the suit panels then this may be is the best option for you.

Some examples of suit options include:

  • Whether you require a belt or not
  • Name and flag can be added to the belt or the main body of the suit
  • Hidden pockets built into the suit
  • Co-drivers - you can have a time card and pencil pocket added to the leg.
  • NASCAR leg option
  • Ladies - there is a female-specific fit with comfort fitting stretch panels in different positions to best fit the female figure 

Previous designs
If you have had a previous suit design that you would like to copy, then please let us have this. Or, if you have seen an image of a suit online that you like the look of, then take a picture and send it to us and we can get the manufacturer to get as close to it as possible to replicate it.

Ordering process
Once you have submitted your measurements (it vital that you check and double-check your measurements) and we have designed and agreed on your we are virtually done. Next we will get a final costing of the suit design, based on the detail of the design, the quantity and size logos are applied, and once confirmed by you we will produce an invoice for the suit. When that invoice is paid we will ask the manufacturer to put the suit into their production schedule - please note that payment is required before we can proceed and once we do, changes can’t be made to the suit, so please make sure you are 100% happy with the design before proceeding.

How Long does it take to produce a Custom Racesuit?
Depending on what time of the season you require a suit will depend on the length of time from design to delivery. The ‘busy season’ is from January to May, as most teams and drivers are looking to get suits produced for the new season. So at this time, it can take up to 6 weeks from P1, and a definitive 6 weeks from Alpinestars. Please note, that this time period starts only when the order has been paid for and not when we receive your design and measurements. However, from P1 it is possible to get your suit between 3-4 weeks generally.

Previous Designs

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